We’re trying to eat our greens

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It’s January, which means wherever you turn there is someone or something encouraging you to eat healthier and be fitter.

On TV celebrities are selling their new fitness DVD, magazines are talking about the latest fad diet and I was even stopped while shopping by a man in a tracksuit trying to encourage me to sign up to a gym.

I will not be taking part in any of these things, but there has been a big change in the Hayden house this month.

We’ve gone green. I don’t mean we’ve installed solar panels or I’ve ditched the car for a bicycle, but our kitchen cupboards and fridge have gone from containing chocolates, snacks and fizzy drinks in December to looking like a forest in January full of fruit and vegetables.

To be honest I’m not sure how long it will last as I’m now responsible for making mealtime fun for my daughters, to encourage them to eat their daily dose of veg.

Todays it’s ‘who can eat all their peas without one falling off your fork’. Wish me luck.