We should be making the obese park further away

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Once again the European Union is meddling in our affairs.

This time it looks like a new law could be passed that will classify obesity as a disability.

It’ll mean the really overweight amongst us will probably be getting a nice shiny blue disabled badge to put on their dashboards, allowing them to park where they like.

This lunacy has been brought about because a 25-stone man from Denmark reportedly couldn’t tie kids’ shoelaces or play with them because he was so fat.

So, not surprisingly, he was sacked from his job as a childminder.

He then had the gall to claim he was dismissed unfairly.

To me, he clearly couldn’t do his job properly because of self-inflicted reasons and so should have expected a P45.

But it has led to the advocate general of the European Court Of Justice in Luxembourg issuing a preliminary ruling that extreme obesity may in future be classified as a disability under EU law – providing protection for those who suffer discrimination at work.

It would be much better if fatties were made to park further away from the supermarket, not closer, so they might actually burn off a few calories en route to the doughnut aisle.

Why not just go the whole hog and install airport-style conveyor belts to whisk them straight to the biscuit section?

If the government is so concerned with the national obesity crisis, it should be thinking of banning the obese from buying food that’s bad for them in the same way a pub will stop serving you if you’ve just fallen off a bar stool.

Apparently your BMI score is taken into account before deciding if you can have a badge.

So if you were a fatty one point away from getting a badge, what do you think you’d do?

Start doing shuttle runs up and down the garden in a bid to get fit, or eat a few more takeaways that would mean you’d get your fat fingers on one of those coveted badges?

With the amount of obese people around nowadays, is there going to be any disabled parking left for the people that actually deserve it?