We should stop pandering to our pampered pooches

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Researchers have been at it again, wasting time and money carrying out more pointless trials.

This time, over in America they’ve been testing whether or not dogs are fussy eaters.

Apparently they are! Wow, what a surprise that is. I really didn’t see that one coming.

The dogs in the study were given cheese and carrots. They ate both, but preferred the cheese when given the foods separately.

People actually get paid to do these stupid tests! If you asked any dog owner, or any pet owner for that matter, they would tell you their pets prefer one food over another.

But then again it’s us humans who have made them fussy, so we’ve only got ourselves to blame.

Your dog isn’t going to starve itself because you’ve put out Pedigree Chum instead of chicken fillets.

If it’s a choice between dog food or nothing, I’m sure the dog will choose dog food. The lesson to be learned here is that we should stop pandering to our pampered pets.

In the days when dogs used to roam the wild, they ate worms and bugs if they were hungry. The occasional elk carcass was a bonus.

But these days some animals are treated better than humans.

And don’t get me started on that Ricky the poodle that recently won Best In Show at Crufts.

It doesn’t even look like a dog, more like an evil creature you’d expect to see in a sci-fi movie.

Apparently owner Jason Lynn treats the dog to massages and four-hour grooming sessions in his own converted salon.

I find it hard to understand the people who treat an animal like this. To me, the whole thing is slightly disturbing, like the weirdos who collect dolls.

I’m sure a psychotherapist would have a field day with people who lavish all this attention on their mutts to win a few rosettes.

The dog reportedly enjoys listening to Radio 2 and watching himself on TV.

No he doesn’t! He’s a dog, not a human being. Like other dogs, he’d probably much rather be chasing cats or sniffing other dogs down the park.