Wearing black can add years

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As soon as Jack Frost tingles our toes, we know the Christmas party season is upon us.

And every year it’s the same. We’re inundated with TV fashion gurus and magazine articles showing us how simply scrumptious the sisterhood can look in an ‘LBD (Little Black Dress)’.

Every glossy has a different slant on it – ‘ slim into the LBD’, or ‘ how to accessorise your LBD’.

It drives me bonkers. According to a colour/style consultant I used to do makeover shows with in the 1990s, black (the Brit Babes’ fave colour ) isn’t that flattering for the majority of women.

Black against a mature face can add years, dear.

Let’s face it, rolypoly Brit Babes’ bods just ain’t sexy in LBDs.

So sisters, take my advice. Ditch the dowdy black, be outrageous this Yuletide and wear some colourful clobber that makes you sparkle!