What about workshops for wrinklies?

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When I heard the name ‘Company of Elders’, I thought ‘ooh,’ that sounds like Native American Indians having a powow in a teepee.

Well, it’s not. Last Saturday night I was watching BBC 4’s Imagine and it was about a dance company comprised solely of people over 60.

It was so inspirational. Forget hip replacements, dodgy tickers and arthritic knees, The Company of Elders, average age 79, practised for six weeks and put on a fabulous dance at Sadler’s Wells Theatre.

The troupe is funded and run by the world-renowned Sadler’s Wells, has been going for 10 years and performs in the UK and on the Continent.

What a brilliant concept for the Golden Oldies who love to dance. So what about it Portsmouth theatres?

You do kids’ workshops, so what about workshops for the wrinklies?