What’s it come to when you can’t go to the loo in peace?

Paul Hutchings, project manager at John Pounds, at the launch of Street Support

Street Support brings people together with common goal

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Some people have chosen to mock the vicar who complained after hearing a woman’s voice say ‘welcome’ when he went into a public lavatory. The unnamed clergyman was so shocked by the recorded message that he thought a woman had followed him in and that he may have inadvertently gone into the ladies’ lavs by mistake.

But I’m with him on this one. What on earth do we need talking loos for anyway?

It gets worse. The voice in the refurbished toilets then announces: ‘The time for use of this facility is limited. You will be advised when to leave.’

People are actually being dictated to about how long they can spend performing their ablutions. Is there no part of our lives that remains free of interfering regulation any more?