Whatever medals are won, relay shows we’re champions

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Wasn’t it brilliant to see the Olympic torch? I don’t care what anyone says about the speed of the occasion (my eight-year-old, with a face full of disbelief, asked ‘was that it?’ as somebody ran by and didn’t even notice her and her patient I-have-waited-for-an-hour-for-this-please-wave-at-me grimace).

But I loved every minute of the build-up and anticipation and flag-waving. It made me wonder that if so many people in Gosport would come and stand to see a flame, what else would we do?

I know Gosport has a rough reputation at times but, like the torch has proved in its journey across the country, we all have a heart of gold.

Whatever our athletes achieve, we know that we’re a champion nation from start to finish.