Why are antiques experts so obsessed with their necks?

Antiques expert Phillip Serrell

Antiques expert Phillip Serrell

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Have you noticed how television experts – in a desperate attempt to look different – all end up looking the same?

Archaeologists, for example, consider themselves half-dressed unless they sport eccentric headgear, beneath which mad hair bursts forth in frantic clumps.

Preposterous pullovers – like those favoured by Mick Aston on Time Team – are also considered de rigueur.

Antiques experts, on the other hand, tend to be more conscious of the epiglottal region.

Lurid bow-ties and cravats abound, and scarves are encouraged no matter what the season or temperature.

To see little Philip Serrell sweating beneath a giant muffler on an August afternoon is one of the pleasures of Flog It.

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