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We yawn when we’re tired and we yawn when we are bored. And yawning is infectious.

But what about yawning in polite society? Is there an etiquette to follow?

Well, there used to be. I was always taught that if I felt a yawn coming on in company I should cover my mouth and say ‘Excuse me’ or ‘Oops sorry, I’m a bit tired’.

But not these days.

Recently I’ve noticed people just yawn and yawn. They do it two or three times with their heads lolling back and their great gaping gobs on show.

It is such bad manners dear.

I have on occasion asked the yawner: ‘Why don’t you cover your mouth?’

They look bemused and answer back ‘Why?’

I was even accused of being old-fashioned. In these modern times, yawning openly in company is apparently acceptable.

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