Why no prices on any of the lovely cakes?

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Last Friday in a ‘I know I shouldn’t but I’m going to anyway’ mood, I sashayed into Heidi’s Swiss Patisserie, in Southsea’s Palmerston Road precinct.

As I drooled longingly at the ‘a minute on the lips, a lifetime on your hips’ delectable cakes, I was earwigging in on the customer in front of me.

As his cake was being wrapped, the customer decided to ask the price, and he didn’t look that pleased at the answer. But, typical Brit, he didn’t make a fuss, just paid up and left.

Time for Miss James to play up. So, I asked the price of one cake, then another, then another.

At about the seventh cake, I gave the shop assistant a cherubic smile and said: ‘Shame you don’t display prices on your cakes.’

Maybe they think the prices would put some of the customers off.

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