Why so many of us love Strictly

KIERAN HOWARD: Thanks very much for the hand, foot and mouth disease Louie

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Lukosiute, Skorjanec,

Rihanoff, Chigvintsev.

Cor blimey missus, it’s enough to knock your dentures sideways dear.

These are some of the surnames of BBC 1’s Strictly Come Dancing (SCD), professional dancers.

In this series, 11 of the 
15 male and female dancers come from outside the UK.

Why so many foreigners?

According to many ballroom experts, it merely reflects the state of the professional circuit, in which the UK has struggled in recent years.

Shame, eh?

Nah! We tune in to be entertained with Strictly’s tears and tantrums, camp judges and a cornucopia of sequins.

Oh yes, and there’s the dancing.

Topped off with national treasure ‘Brucie’ Forsyth’, 85, misreading his autocue and giving us antiquated humour.