Why take a test if you’ve got Dad Cabs available for hire?

Steve's baby daughter made amazing progress this week, or so his wife thought

STEVE CANAVAN: It was a lot of rattle over just a little roll

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When I first met Fraser he was a sweet little five-year-old excitedly running under the sprinkler on the front lawn.

He is now a very articulate and intelligent 17-year-old looking to go to university and study medicine, like his father.

It seems so strange to see him behind the wheel of a car as he learns to drive.

On a recent visit, his dad Neil was telling me about Fraser’s busy social life and that he is now a taxi service, taking Fraser to places like Fareham, Portsmouth and Hayling Island – miles from their Hill Head home.

Fraser seemed strangely non-committal as to his driving test date. Well I’m not surprised when he has Dad Cabs available!