Wonder if they’ll take scissors and make-up on challenge

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RICK JACKSON: Why aren’t we on the streets protesting about Brexit?

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Good luck to the crazy team at Creations Hair and Beauty in Chichester, who are about row 26 miles in the Solent.

This will take them around eight hours and is one mammoth undertaking.

I wonder if they’ll take their scissors and make-up bags in case they need a bit of sprucing up en route?

The wind does get pretty bad out there on the water – apparently.

The team of 10 have been training five times a week for this challenge. The aim is to raise funds to further the work of the Coco’s Foundation and build a house for a family from the Mduku village in the KwaZulu region of South Africa.

They have a target of £13,500 and I wish them all the best. Go to justgiving.com/creations4cocos.