Wrinkles mean I can’t get away with being a student

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Do you know, I’m quite gutted that I’m no longer a student. Now there are many reasons for this, including the fact that life seemed so much simpler back then.

It’s funny because, at the time, you always think that everything’s so stressful and that life is really hard.

It isn’t until you get older (and wiser?) that you realise it was actually a great time.

How old do I sound? Seriously, I think I must be in the midst of a ‘turning 30’ crisis.

Anyway, I must move on from that subject as there simply aren’t enough column inches on this page to even begin to discuss it!

Another reason for my disappointment with not being a student any more is the fact that south coast student accommodation provider Unilife has launched a nationwide competition to find two students to represent the brand.

I’d have loved that gig! They’re not looking for models (but I wouldn’t have minded strutting my stuff on a catwalk), but instead want to find real, genuine students who have something to say about their uni life experience.

I’m not sure if you’ve figured it out by now, but I’m a little opinionated (just a little, despite what my Uncle Nigel might say) and definitely had more than enough to say back in the days when I was at university.

There are some super cool prizes for the male and female winners, including a luxury weekend on the Isle of Wight and a photoshoot.

Hmmm. Do you think I could manage to get away with pretending to be a student again?

I still (occasionally) get asked for ID when trying to buy alcohol, so it’s not impossible.

But then I see the wrinkles around my eyes and think ‘probably not’! They’re a dead giveaway that I’m no longer of student age.

But if you really are a student and fancy giving it a go, log on to unilife.co.uk for more info.

Upload a pic and be in with a chance of having your mug splashed everywhere.

And you all know I would just love that...