Wrong people punished yet again

Pompey boss Michael Appleton   Picture: Robin Jones
Pompey boss Michael Appleton Picture: Robin Jones

Portsmouth delivers yet again with the GSR

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Rules are rules, but the latest 10-point deduction inflicted on Pompey makes little sense.

It comes at a time when the club are down to a handful of professionals and are trying to sort themselves out.

So how exactly are Pompey getting an advantage worth 10 points when they can hardly get a team on the pitch?

I realise this is in line with punishments for other financially-crippled clubs like Leeds, who got hit even harder.

But if this is Football League law, then the law is an ass.

Beyond that, the League are well within their rights to lay down a five-year plan of conditions to make sure Pompey never step out of line ever again.

It is tough, but justified given the catalogue of horrendous mismanagement which has left the club staring into the abyss.

I hope those responsible for this mess feel suitably ashamed of themselves.

But, of course, it is the fans who suffer most.

And they are guilty of nothing except standing by their team throughout this horror story.

They are the club’s greatest asset by far.

The points loss leaves Pompey as favourites for relegation again.

Michael Appleton will have to field a team of kids, rejects and players rescued from the scrap heap.

He will need to have the Svengali qualities shown by Brad Pitt in Moneyball, the movie about how the Oakland baseball team conquered all with a team of misfits.

Where this never-ending story of depression goes next, no-one can really tell.

But somehow and some way, you get the feeling Pompey will clamber out of the intensive care unit.

Although, things might get worse before they get better.

Appleton is a manager, not a miracle worker.

The Football League’s latest ‘hit’ just made his mission impossible twice as hard.