Yes, I’m becoming just like my folks

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There are certain points in your life that make you feel like a grown-up.

Most of the time this is a nice feeling to have. But what about when that feeling stretches a bit further and you not only feel like a grown-up but an old grown-u

Of course, having children instantly makes you feel you have left behind the time of your life that is carefree and simple. But it’s as my children are growing up that my interactions with them are making me feel older than I am.

Basically, I have a sneaking suspicion that I am turning into my parents.

Not that this is a bad thing necessarily. My parents brought me up very well, but I am now repeating sentences to my children that they said to me and it makes me feel old.

This happens mostly when I am telling my daughters not to do something and I am transported back more than 20 years to when I was a young lad and my mother or father was reprimanding me for my bad behaviour.

I found an article online which suggests that answering five simple questions can determine whether you have the traits that mean you are turning into your parents.

The first question asks if you tidy the house before guests arrive.

My answer to that is ‘yes’, just like my mum did when I was a boy and just like she still does today.

Next question...

Do you turn the lights off in your house obsessively?

Of course I do, wanting to keep the electricity company’s profits as low as possible and of course do my bit for the planet, just like my dad did when I was a boy.

Question number three asks if you find supermarket offers irresistible? Not as much as my mum liked her buy-one-get-one-frees or buy-two-and-save offers, but if it’s half price because its ‘best before’ is today’s date, that is what is for dinner tonight.

Next, are you happy to spend more on things if you know they’ll last?

Without a doubt. Just like my dad taught me, you get what you pay for.

The final question asks if you get annoyed when you need to write 
something down but someone has moved the house Biro from its usual place.

Yes I do, just like my dad did if someone moved the ‘phone pen’.

One question seems to be missing though – do you say to your children at least once a day, ‘have you tidied your bedroom?’

Yes, just like my mum did when she’d bring up my washing and couldn’t see my carpet for all the mess.

But I feel safe in the knowledge that one day when my children have children, they’ll answer yes to all these questions too.