Opposition grows to 300 homes on Fareham fields

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PLANS to build 300 new homes on countryside in the south of Fareham have been criticised.

Hallam Land Management wants build a new estate on green fields off Longfield Avenue.

The scheme would be in addition to Fareham Borough Council’s plans to build up to 7,000 homes in the north of the town.

Many residents who turned up to a consultation at Wallisdean Junior School on the plans are worried about losing the green gap between Fareham and Stubbington.

Mandy Frost, 49, who lives in Longfield Avenue, said: ‘I’m 100 per cent against this. I don’t want it opposite me. That was one of the reasons why I bought the house – it’s green land opposite where I live. It’s about peace and tranquillity. I think it will destroy the area.’

Lesley Johnston, 61, added: ‘I’m just lost for words. It’s unnecessary.

‘They should be keeping that land open because we are supposed to have a gap between Fareham and Stubbington.

‘Heaven knows how they are going to cope with the roads.’

No planning application has yet been submitted to the council. The land is not listed as a housing site in the borough’s Local Plan.

Ward councillor for Fareham south, Trevor Howard, said he was against it.

‘Most of the community from round here from what I have heard are against it as well,’ he said.

‘This is what we have the SDA for, to stop all this infilling.

‘It’s not needed. If we start on this one, in 10 years’ time someone will want to build on another bit of land.

‘Stubbington and Fareham will be one. We’ll lose all the green fields.’

But Alan Rundle, 76, of Barnfield Court disagreed and said more homes are needed.

‘I think it’s imperative,’ he said. ‘There are more people about.

‘I think it’s essential that it goes ahead.’

Ruth McKeown, director of Hallam Land Management, said it was important to get the views of those living in the local community.

‘It has got to be community-led and have community support,’ she said.

‘We have had a lot of people come in and they have had mixed views.

‘The biggest reservation has been about losing fields to development.’