People urged to stop burying barbecue coals

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LIFEGUARDS have warned about the dangers of burying used barbecue coals on the beach following a string of injuries at the weekend.

Portsmouth and Southsea Voluntary Lifeguards were called to a number of incidents where people suffered burnt feet after they stepped on coals which had been left in shingle on Southsea beach.

Rob Bright, equipment officer for Portsmouth and Southsea Voluntary Lifeguards, said: ‘Leaving barbecue coals in the shingle is extremely dangerous because they haven’t been cooled down properly.

‘The coals could even melt away someone’s flip-flops and that would cause more serious burns.

‘To dispose of a barbecue properly people need to fill it with cold water before emptying the contents into a bin.’

In April last year, a one-year-old boy was left with burns after he crawled across hot coals during a family day-out at Hayling beach.

n On Sunday, lifeguards had to tow a vessel with four people on board back to shore after it suffered engine failure off Eastney beach.

No-one was harmed in the incident.