And another thing...! Christmas fair rip-offs

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From left, Jacob Kennard, Gavin Moon, Ian Doyle and Sarah Talboys-Smith with Shanon Rees and Rodney Watson at the front
 at the Southsea Village in Palmerston Road Picture: Habibur Rahman

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Have readers noticed the blatant rip-off by companies staging Christmas events, fairs etc?

Why do so many so-called Christmas fairs ask for £3-£5 entry while flogging overpriced gifts?

Not forgetting so-called farmers’ markets. Bargains? Please tell!

Overpriced bread and foodstuffs are the norm and the authenticity of its rural origins are a grey area.

An upmarket supermarket excelled recently by offering a 275 gram Kilner jar of piccalilli for £5. Further along the shelf was its own identical product – for 89p.

The moral is – do the maths!

*This view orginally appeared on The News letters page