Anger builds over parking by energy firm employees

Resident David Pattenden who is unhappy with the amount of cars which are being parked and causing problems in Southbrook Road in Langstone.'Picture: Ian Hargreaves  (14437-1)

Resident David Pattenden who is unhappy with the amount of cars which are being parked and causing problems in Southbrook Road in Langstone.'Picture: Ian Hargreaves (14437-1)

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RESIDENTS say it’s time to take action on parking after a bin lorry could not get through their street.

People living in north Langstone are fed up with workers from Scottish and Southern Electric parking in their street.

The number of staff has increased dramatically in the last few years, since the size of the Penner Road site was almost doubled.

There are now around 3,000 staff working at the site.

But when permission was given for the extra floor Havant Borough Council imposed strict planning conditions that the firm had to encourage staff to use public transport, or car share if they want to use the on-site car park.

Angela Armstrong, chairwoman of Langstone Residents’ Association, said employees drive in separately, park one car in Langstone, and hop in another car together to park in Penner Road.

Earlier this week the council’s refuse department sent a letter to residents telling them to put bins out by 7am because after that the roads are too clogged up to get the refuse trucks through.

Mrs Armstrong, of Hamilton Close, said: ‘If the council knows that it’s so bad that it’s come to this, why doesn’t it do something about it?

‘SSE should build a car 
park big enough for its employees.

‘Failing that, the council should set up waiting restriction of two or three hours. That would eventually force SSE to sort out the problem with parking.

‘What happens if a fire engine or an ambulance needs to get through?’

And David Pattenden, of Southbrook Road, said: ‘The road would be effectively closed if they parked directly next to each other.

‘So they park a short car length away from each other on either side so that when a van comes through it has to carefully weave its way through.

‘If a large lorry comes past it can’t get through.

‘The problems began when the council allowed SSE to build a mezzanine, without providing enough extra parking spaces.’

Michelle Green, parking and traffic management team leader, said anyone parking dangerously should be reported to the police straight away, on the 101 number.

She added: ‘As a result of recent parking issues in the Langstone area we will look again to see if it is appropriate to make any amendments to traffic management there.

‘This work is likely to begin next month.

‘In the meantime, if residents consider parking to be of an obstructive or dangerous nature, they should report it to the police.’

In a statement, SSE said: ‘SSE regularly meets the council to find ways to improve car parking options and public transport to help alleviate congestion in the area.

‘Employees are encouraged to take public transport, car share and we promote other car parks available in the local area to discourage residential street parking.

‘We’ll continue to review the parking situation at our Penner Road site and make any improvements possible to benefit both our staff and the local community.’

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