Balloons signalled the start of a memorable day

The University of Portsmouth has confirmed that current student and for mer sabbatical officer Roxy Negru (middle) has passed away. PPP-170325-110019001

Tributes paid after death of University of Portsmouth student

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BALLOONS soared high into the air to mark the start of the celebrations.

Youngsters in First Avenue, Farlington, released them before the party in their street truly got under way.

And to make sure the historic day is never forgotten, every child was given an engraved medal and a cup.

Organiser Yvette Conquest, 39, said: ‘The balloon release was just fantastic. We put our names and addresses on them to see how far they go.

‘And the medals were just a really nice way of keeping the memory of the day alive. It’s something they can keep forever.

‘I really enjoyed the wedding. My favourite part was the procession afterwards when they went through the streets.

‘This is a really long road and people have really got together and helped out today.’

Yvette arranged for the children to take part in a scavenger hunt, a tug-of-war and an old-fashioned coconut shy.

The party went on late into the evening with a barbecue.

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