Big push is on to get rid of our old Gosport Scout hut!

GIVING IT THE PUSH The Scout hut in West Parley
GIVING IT THE PUSH The Scout hut in West Parley

Pub party to mark major £300k revamp

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NO MATTER how hard they push, these young Scouts can’t get rid of their crumbling old hut without some help.

The 6th Gosport Air Scouts were thrilled when they found a new hut to replace their ageing headquarters in Acorn Close, Rowner.

BUILDING The Scout hut in West Parley

BUILDING The Scout hut in West Parley

But the only snag is that the building is 50 miles away in West Parley, Dorset.

Now they need some willing volunteers to help them transport the hut to their Rowner home.

Lisa Reade, from the Air Scouts, said: ‘It’s our very own DIY SOS project.

‘We would love to hear from anyone who could help provide demolition and transport of the building.

‘Shortly after Christmas the vacant hut in West Parley became available to whichever Scout group could demolish it and rebuild it.

‘The volunteer leaders at 6th Gosport enjoy a challenge and quickly signed up to view the building.

‘By the time they reached the end of the driveway they had agreed to take it on with the hope of providing a much-needed safe, waterproof home their young people could be proud of.’

Earlier this month the group launched their new scarves, which used to be gold.

Now they have a blue edge on them in tribute to the Scout group which used to meet at the West Parley hut, whose scarves were blue and yellow.

The Dorset group’s former leader also donated a portrait of the Queen for the new hut, and one of Robert Baden-Powell, who founded the Scout movement.

Lisa added: ‘There is quite a lot of poignancy with the move.’

The Scouts have raised around £3,000 to cover the costs of moving the new hut.

Much of this was raised with the help of the Gosport Road Runners, donated from the proceeds of their annual half-marathon.

But a lot of the cash has been spent on planning applications and sorting a new lease on the land.

The youngsters have been supermarket bag packing and other events to raise cash for the new hut.

Now they would like to hear from anyone who can help them with donations of manual labour on the day of the big move.

They also need people to provide fixtures and fittings and items to kit out the new building.

The old hut has now been demolished and the new one is ready to travel from West Parley.

The group hopes to begin work on reassembling the hut next week.

If you would like to donate or can help with the work on the day, call Lisa on 07921 556483.