Bishop’s Waltham star reveals her secrets

Amanda Holden

Amanda Holden

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AMANDA Holden has revealed her darkest days in extracts from her new autobiography.

The television star, who grew up in Bishop’s Waltham, has revealed some of her secrets in the Mail on Sunday.

In the book she talks about her second miscarriage and how she almost died after giving birth to her daughter Hollie last year.

She said: ‘My pregnancy was healthy; it was always the delivery we had to worry about. Mercifully, all went well and adorable little Hollie Rose Hughes was born. As they showed me all 6lb 1oz of her, I couldn’t believe how beautiful she was.

‘She cried and I cried, with joy and gratitude and relief.

‘But just as Pippa the midwife was checking the baby over, I suddenly felt myself draining away and I gave a little sigh. I looked up at Chris and said ‘Don’t let me die!’ That’s the last thing I remember.’

Her book, titled No Holding Back, is out on October 24.

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