Bit squashed in there? Artist attempts three mile sea journey in pumpkin

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SMASHING pumpkin records on the water yesterday, Dmitri Galitzine has set off in another modified boat from Gosport in a new challenge.

At 8am, the artist left Stokes Bay for the Isle of Wight.

On Wednesday, Dmitri broke the world record by paddling the fastest 100m in an unmodified pumpkin.

Today’s attempt will see him sail the three mile journey at between one and two knots in a pumpkin fitted with an onboard motor.

Dmitri said:’Despite weighing 500kg, giant pumpkins are naturally buoyant and have a thick waterproof exterior.

‘They are round in shape like Welsh coracles, which were an effective vessel in fast flowing rivers. My biggest challenge are the strong tides across the Solent.’