Call for council action to direct South Parade Pier repairs

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REPAIRS to Southsea’s damaged South Parade Pier should be set down in a council-sanctioned programme, according to South Parade Trust chairman Leon Reis.

Mr Reis said he had written to Portsmouth City Council leader Donna Jones to ask the council to agree a ‘base level of expected repairs’ for the structure.

Workers under the supervision of surveyor Malcolm Belcher have been carrying out survey work and repairs to the pier.

Mr Belcher is working for a group of six businessmen who say they have bought the pier and hope to have it open by next Easter.

But Mr Reis said he feared the repairs would only focus on the landward end of the pier.

He said: ‘We fear that all this talk of work being done is unquantified and without any timescales, and could easily refer to lightweight cosmetics to get the arcade and bars open on the land side while forgetting the real pier – the bit sticking out to sea where people can walk and boats can tie up.

‘There are very different definitions of ‘work’ and ‘repairs’ between the prospective owners and what the public wants.’

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