Commissioner defends Hampshire Police action to find Ashya King

Simon Hayes

Simon Hayes

Magician Dan Churchley from Southsea, will attempt to escape from a straitjacket whilst suspended 100 metres above sea level, upside down, beneath the Emirates Spinnaker Tower's glass floor Sky Walk. As well as captivating tower visitors, the stunt will also aim to raise money for CLIC Sargent, UKs leading cancer charity for children and young people.

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Daring Portsmouth magician to escape straitjacket while hanging under Spinnaker Tower

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Hampshire’s police and crime commissioner has defended police action to find Ashya King.

Simons Hayes said the police worked to safeguard the five-year-old Southsea boy who has a brain tumour.

cctv ashya king brain tumour boy pic 2 PPP-140829-093130001

cctv ashya king brain tumour boy pic 2 PPP-140829-093130001

His parents are due to appear in a Spanish court after being arrested. They face extradition proceedings while their son is being treated at Materno-Infantil Hospital in Malaga.

‘Hampshire police have done absolutely the right thing they needed to do to secure and safeguard the life of Ashya,’ he told BBC Radio Solent.

‘I think the motivation for the police was to find Ashya as quickly as possible so he could receive the treatment that the medical professionals were saying he needed.

‘A European arrest warrant is not just issued on the whim of a police officer in Hampshire.

‘The CPS have to look at the evidence presented.’

He said a district judge also looked at the evidence to issue the warrant.

Mr Hayes added: ‘Separate proceedings issued in order to make Ashya a ward of court.’

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