Community spirit revived by royals

PRIDE Margaret Lamont and her grandaughter Isla Murphy.     (111589-2606)

PRIDE Margaret Lamont and her grandaughter Isla Murphy. (111589-2606)

Sally Callow with Foggy 

Picture: Sarah Standing (160095-8008)

Globe-trotting Foggy the dog gears up for worldwide tour

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THE wedding has put an end to a lull in community spirit for one group of neighbours.

Until recent years, Lymbourn Road in Havant has always enjoyed public gatherings in the street.

But when key party organisers moved away, the number of community gatherings dwindled.

A younger generation has now stepped in and the royal wedding was their first test.

Richard Germain, 63, said: ‘We’re a very close-knit community.

‘There have been a lot of street parties here over the years but we haven’t had one for the last few.

‘Lots of the people who used to organise them have moved on, so it’s fallen on to a new generation now.

‘I think it’s quite fitting with the wedding.

‘William and Kate are good, young role models and they are really popular.’

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