Could you help elderly people as a driver?

Saxon's ashes and ball. Photo: Twitter @HantsFireDogs

Fire dog Saxon returns to favourite place as his ashes are laid alongside favourite tennis ball

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TWO volunteer drivers are urgently needed to help out a charity.

Contact the Elderly Havant hosts tea parties once a month for pensioners in the town and picks them up from their homes.

Suzan Hyland, the charity’s national volunteer support officer, said: ‘This lovely local group has six to eight isolated elderly guests who really look forward to their party Sunday.

‘We take out to tea once a month, 12 months a year local isolated elderly people, 75 and over. Our local hosts welcome the elderly guests and drivers into their homes for a tea party.

‘This regular monthly outing makes a huge difference to the life of an isolated person and gives them something to look forward to.’

If you would like to volunteer as a driver call 020 7881 2361 or email