Couple’s search for parrot

Former Great British Bake Off contestant Enwezor Nzegwu pictured at last year's cooking show.

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Great British Bake Off star hosts live cooking show in Portsmouth

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SURPRISED Nikki Cripps was overjoyed when her husband Adrian gave her an exotic parrot during a romantic trip away.

But hours later, the African grey bird made a dash for it after a gust of wind blew the door of their apartment open.

Adrian bought the bird, called Epic, for his wife as a tenth wedding anniversary present.

Guests and staff at Bunn Leisure holiday park in Selsey, West Sussex, where the couple were staying, joined the search for the runaway.

He was spotted a short while later perched on the park’s 125ft high windmill. A crowd of around 100 people gathered as Adrian, 43, and Nikki, 42, helplessly called the parrot’s name for 12 hours. Adrian, from Hove, West Sussex, said: ‘Epic was back in the caravan when Nikki went to put the rubbish out. She pushed the caravan door shut with her foot – but the windows were open and a gust of wind blew it back open.

‘Next thing, the parrot saw the gap and away he went.’

The couple plan to take him back for another visit to meet the staff who helped save him.