Demand for food in city continues to rise

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DEMAND at a food bank in Portsmouth has more than doubled in the past two years.

Figures show that the number of children requiring emergency food donations in 2012 is already 51 per cent up on figures for 2010.

It’s thought an extra 15 per cent of people will want to use the food bank in the run-up to Christmas.

Martin Mant, manager of the food bank at Kings Church, Elm Grove, said: ‘We have noticed particularly over the last couple of weeks there has been a big jump in the number of people coming in, particularly with the weather being colder and in the lead up to Christmas.

‘I do worry that we will run out and won’t be in a position to replenish our stocks without supermarket collections or going out and buying supplies.

‘I think it’s very sad that in 2012 there are still children who are going hungry and there is a growing need for food banks in the UK.’

To donate to the food bank, visit Kings Church on Monday, Wednesday or Friday between midday and 2pm.