Ex-con’s book is a hit with prison chaplains

Portchester Castle Picture: Ryan Atfield

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A BOOK about a reformed criminal and his path to salvation has been requested by prisons for inmates to read.

Chaplains at HMP Isle of Wight, HMP Wandsworth and HMP Wormwood Scrubs, each asked Dave Clarke, 63, of Fareham, to send them his book Converted on LSD.

As previously reported in The News, Mr Clarke, a retired Fareham College lecturer, wrote the book after experiencing an LSD trip that made him reassess his life of crime.

He turned to Christianity and is spreading the word further – even getting a Gosport band to perform his book as a punk opera.

He said he is delighted the chaplains accepted his offer of the book after being featured in The News.

He has even had criminals approach him for help after they read of his conversion.

He said: ‘Your life can turn around, and with the help of other people – not just on your own – you can support them.

‘I hope that what I’ve written – the stages of my life – will help them.’

‘I hope anyone who hooks into it can get some help.’