Ex-marine’s epic ride to Europe’s edge

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AN ex-marine is planning to pedal for charity all the way to Gibraltar.

Barry Scott, 45, will cycle more than 1,500 miles to raise £150,000 for the British Legion, the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Families Association and the Royal Marines Association.

Mr Scott said he wanted to help the charities as they had helped him after he left the marines 27 years ago.

He said he suffered from post traumatic stress syndrome after being wounded on duty in Northern Ireland.

He said: ‘It came back to haunt me and I was told I needed to see some councillors and it went on from there.’

Mr Scott’s journey will start in Devon on April 1 and involve crossing to France on a ferry from Portsmouth.

Mr Scott said: ‘I grew up in Portsmouth and Southampton so I’m really looking forward to getting back there.’