Fareham based charity needs to find homes for dogs

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DOG lovers are being encouraged to volunteer to help a German Shepherd charity that has become overwhelmed.

German Shepherd Rescue South is a registered charity based in Fareham, with around 30 dogs.

But the charity has found it is unable to cope with the number of dogs coming in and the lack of funding, and volunteers are being sought to foster or adopt the dogs and to make donations.

Carol Middleton, trustee of the charity, said: ‘The rescue started about two and a half years ago.

‘We started off with the idea of what we were doing to be a very small rescue with six dogs, but there are just too many dogs out there.

‘We have got about 30 dogs at the moment. I didn’t expect it to get this big this quickly.’

Anyone interested in volunteering can call (023) 9222 1485.

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