Festival is aiming to get the whole city on its feet

Tango: Tanguera Dance Company led by Flavio de Brito who will be performing in 'imPact on Stage' at the Kings Theatre on 30 June
Tango: Tanguera Dance Company led by Flavio de Brito who will be performing in 'imPact on Stage' at the Kings Theatre on 30 June
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PORTSMOUTH is set to come alive as hundreds of performers tread the boards for imPact Dance Festival.

The event brings together all different forms of the preforming art, from salsa to belly dancing, in venues across the city between June 17 and July 15.

Its programme is co-ordinated by the New Theatre Royal and includes a street dance event, called imPact on the Street, at the Square Tower and a Rockabilly Night at South Parade Pier.

There will also be many free workshops, including a tap-dance class before a screening of 42nd Street on June 19 in the Omega Centre, Somers Town.

Two dance workshops on Southsea Common, a street dance class at Charles Dickens Sports and Arts Centre, Buckland, and Charleston at the John Pounds Centre, The Hard, will take place.

Co-ordinator Liz Weston said: ‘The aim of the festival is to celebrate dance in the city and make people aware of just how much there is going on.

‘Music and moving to music is such a vibrant thing. Everyone loves dancing and we want to give people an event where they can enjoy that.’

Other highlights include a dance showcase, imPact on Stage, at The Kings Theatre on June 30.

This event brings together groups from across the city, including contemporary dance, tango and street dance performance from the likes of Amici, The Neptune Girls, Escuela de Tango Argentino, Serious Shapes and Belly Dance.

Organisers have also joined forces with Portsmouth Festivities to present a huge participatory event at the Mountbatten Centre, on June 29.

This will feature a workout created from Zumba, aerobics, contemporary dance and more, to a live band. And Ensemble 360 will perform the routine for others to join in with.

Liz added: ‘This city is full of dancers – there’s more than a hundred dance groups and companies here and dozens of dance schools.

‘This is a great opportunity to celebrate that and for amateurs and professionals, young and old, the new and traditional and to get together and enjoy the wealth of dance talent we have here.

‘And people can participate in free dance workshops, see classic dance films and enjoy a range of events.’

Full programme details can be found at newtheatreroyal.com.