Future sports stars caught on camera

STRIKING A picture of Rowan Miller by Aaron Bennett
STRIKING A picture of Rowan Miller by Aaron Bennett

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SPORTING stars of the future have been captured on film in a stunning exhibition.

Digital artist Aaron Bennett, from Havant, decided to showcase unseen sporting talent from his home town.

He focused on six talented youngsters, including 16-year-old Rowan Miller, who started his career in motorcycle racing at the age of eight. He has won races across Europe.

Aaron said: ‘You can slip through the net and never have the credit you deserve.

‘This project hopes to create public interest and highlight some of the amazing talent which could be on your very own doorstep.’

He added: ‘It can be hard for people to hear your voice, no matter what your talent.’

His other subjects include gymnasts and swimmers.

Havant Sporting Future is at The Spring, East Street, Havant, until September 19.