He’s a mastermind! Fan grilled on telly

Peter Russell

Peter Russell

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A DEDICATED Pompey fan has survived a Mastermind grilling on his favourite subject to come third on the hit TV show.

Peter Russell, 59, appeared on the famous quiz programme last night, taking a seat in the iconic leather chair to answer questions about the football club.

Peter, who is originally from Fareham, came third overall with a respectable score of 11 out of 13 questions answered correctly.

Speaking to The News after the show, he said: ‘I was even more nervous watching it back on TV than I was actually recording it.

‘The guys who beat me were brilliant and they nailed everything in their 

‘I was pleased I managed to beat them both in the general knowledge round but when you added up the totals they came first.

‘It was a really great experience and I’m glad I did 

‘I would tell anyone who was thinking about it to give it a 

Apart from Peter’s chosen subject of Portsmouth Football Club, other subjects included in the show last night were English criminal and wartime spy Eddie Chapman, the Battle of Balaklava, and comedy TV show Father 

The programme aired on BBC Two.

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