I acted on gut instinct ...it was such a relief to see her breathing

Mum Kirsty Feltham, left, Tamia Feltham, centre, and lifesaver Emma Hobbs, right
Mum Kirsty Feltham, left, Tamia Feltham, centre, and lifesaver Emma Hobbs, right
Former Great British Bake Off contestant Enwezor Nzegwu pictured at last year's cooking show.

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Great British Bake Off star hosts live cooking show in Portsmouth

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HERO Emma Hobbs saved the life of a little girl when her heart stopped during a school trip.

The 28-year-old sprung into action and performed CPR on seven-year-old Tamia Feltham after she collapsed.

After repeated efforts Tamia’s heart eventually restarted – to the relief of Emma and the youngster’s classmates.

Emma, a community warden for Portsmouth City Council, said: ‘I just acted on my gut instinct. After she collapsed I knew something bad had happened.

‘All that kept running through my mind was “I need to get her breathing and living again”.’

Tamia had been attending a carol service along with pupils from Paulsgrove Primary School at Bresler House, in Withington Close, before Christmas, when she fell ill.

After coming round, Tamia, of Almondsbury Road, Paulsgrove, was taken to Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham.

Doctors revealed that Tamia – who has no history of heart problems – had suffered a cardiac faint.

It’s not known what brought on the condition, but medics praised Emma for her quick actions.

Emma, of Oriel Road, North End, who was attending the carol service with the school pupils, said: ‘What happened didn’t really hit me until afterwards.

‘When I saw her lying in the hospital bed it hit home that she was just a little girl and things could have got much worse.

‘Being a first aider is part of my job as a community warden.

‘I did what was necessary and it was such a relief to see her alive and breathing again.’

Tamia’s mum Kirsty Feltham, 26, said: ‘When I got the call to say what had happened I couldn’t believe it. She was completely fine that morning.

‘I was so upset and I couldn’t stop crying. I just hope something like that doesn’t happen to her again.

‘I can’t thank Emma enough for all she did. God knows what might have happened if she hadn’t have been there.’

Tamia was released from hospital just days after the incident.

She went to her school disco a week later and got the chance to catch up with her hero, who offers advice to kids at the school as part of her community warden duties.

Emma said: ‘I got to chat with Tamia at the disco, which was really nice.

‘It was great to see her smiling again.’

Tamia said: ‘I want to say a big thank-you to Emma for rescuing me and putting in all the hard work that she does.

‘It was really scary. I remember standing there singing and then the next thing I knew I fell to the ground.

‘I remember being in the ambulance and then waking up in the hospital bed.

‘It was fun meeting up with Emma at the school disco.

‘It’s really made the two of us closer.’