It’s business as usual for birds despite the rain

UNAFFECTED A blackbird
UNAFFECTED A blackbird

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THE weather might not know what time of year it is – but wildlife seems to be following the usual pattern of behaviour, say experts.

Around Hampshire’s gardens and parks, birds such as robins and blackbirds have been chattering, singing, squabbling, pairing up, and building nests for the last few weeks.

Scientists said the inclement weather has had no effect on bird populations.

Samantha Stokes, from RSPB South East, said: ‘The majority of birds nest between April and September, and many gardeners are being treated to all manner of singing, displaying and nest building.

‘Birds like wrens, robins, and magpies are likely to be nesting, as many of them have more than one set of young each year.

‘If you’ve seen birds with beaks full of twigs and dried leaves, the chances are they are nesting nearby, and it won’t be long before the beaks are full of caterpillars to feed the growing chicks.’

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