Ladies live in hope for youngster Beau as they Race for Life

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AS THEY crossed the finish line together, the women from Beau Tallack’s family knew exactly why they had taken part in the Race for Life

The four-year-old was diagnosed with cancer last Christmas after he had complained of stomach pains.

Beau Tallack'' ''Picture: Malcolm Wells (132013-1698)

Beau Tallack'' ''Picture: Malcolm Wells (132013-1698)

Doctors said he had a large tumour the size of a grapefruit between his bladder and his stomach.

He was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, which sees tumours develop from muscle or fibrous tissue and can grow in any part of the body.

Beau has since faced several operations and bouts of chemotherapy to battle the disease.

And yesterday, his mum Jolene, sister Tia and nan Trish Cronen all walked 5k to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

Beau faced treatment last Christmas, turning the families’ lives upside down and cancelling a planned trip to Disneyland Paris for the festive season.

Mum Jolene, 33, from North End, said: ‘I was a bit worried about him.

‘The doctor sent me straight to QA who told us it looked cancerous.

‘It was horrendous. It was like our world had been rocked.

‘He was healthy before. You don’t expect it to happen to you.

‘But for what he’s been through he’s been amazing. He was in so much pain. But he just gets through it. He’s a little fighter.’

And Jolene said she wanted to do the Race for Life to raise awareness about rhabdomyosarcoma, which affects just 60 children in the UK each year.

‘I’m doing this for him. For what he’s been through if we can raise a little bit then every little helps,’ she said.

‘It’s quite a rare cancer. They need all the help they can get researching it.

‘I found it quite emotional. Beau has been an inspiration for all of us.

‘Every time I felt a bit rough I thought “I’ll get through it for Beau”.’

Beau’s dad Ben, 32, gave up work to look after his son.

Trish, 54, added: ‘Beau has been amazing. It’s been very difficult for the family. For three months it turned our world upside down.

‘He was in hospital for such a long time. But you just have to keep going.’

Trish took three months off work to help look after Beau’s older sister Tia and younger sister Coco, 3.

She said ‘It’s emotional.’

‘When you do it and you have got your T-shirt on you know that this money is going to cancer research.

‘They wouldn’t be as far down the line with Beau’s treatment as they are now otherwise.

‘You know you are getting that money in for all these experts to start researching it. It gives my grandson and my family hope. It’s lovely.

‘It’s emotional when you see messages on other people’s backs who haven’t been as lucky as us.’

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