Last day of racing as land is sold to housing developers

Haverhill's Family Christmas Night (as pictured from last year) takes place on Friday, December 1. Picture by Andy Mayes.

Haverhill festive weekend has plenty for all of the family

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THIS weekend will see the last ever meet at a racing team’s 20-year-old venue.

Southern Autosport Association (SAA) has been racing at Hazelton Farm in Horndean for two decades.

But, as reported in The News, the landowner has sold the land to developers.

Tomorrow will be the last time banger racing takes place but a new piece of land is being sought.

Simon Stevenson, from the SAA, said: ‘Development on the land has been on the cards for some years now, and we would like to thank the landowners for the use of the land for the time we have been there.

‘If anyone would like to be part of the history of the club or enjoy motor racing then tomorrow will be a massive event with lots of different classes of car racing.

‘There will be juniors and novice juniors, as well as production cars, 1450 hot rods, modified saloons, specials and super saloons. There will be street rods, rookie and unlimited national bangers.

‘As it’s our last day we will also have some fun races in the afternoon. We would love to continue racing but are in need of a new plot of land.

‘Southern Autosport has been running since 1971 and all staff on the day are voluntary. Once overheads for running the Association are taken out, they give to local charities. Let’s hope a new venue can be sought and the giving to charities can continue for many more years.’

Gates open at 8am and racing starts at 11am.