Law firm donates food to help those in need

From left, Jacob Kennard, Gavin Moon, Ian Doyle and Sarah Talboys-Smith with Shanon Rees and Rodney Watson at the front
 at the Southsea Village in Palmerston Road Picture: Habibur Rahman

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STAFF at a law firm have pooled together resources to donate to a homeless charity.

Fareham-based Warner Goodman LLP held a collection on behalf of Friends of the Homeless in Fareham and Gosport and staff generously donated six boxes packed with items.

Managing partner Ian Curtis said: ‘Christmas is a difficult time for the homeless, as the winter months bring harsh conditions for them to endure.

‘The Friends of the Homeless in Fareham and Gosport has their food bank in close proximity to our office so all the staff agreed to donate what they could for this amazing cause.

‘We were overwhelmed by the generosity of our staff and were so pleased to be able to take six boxes overflowing with items to the food bank.

‘The products we collected were not just food, but also items such as shampoo, nappies and other toiletries.’

He added: ‘In the last year, The Friends of the Homeless have fed the equivalent of 3,000 adults and children in the local area.

‘They are operated purely by volunteers and are totally dependent on voluntary donations and gift.

‘We’re extremely proud to have been part of the donations for this year, and intend to continue supporting the charity for years to come.’

Friends of the Homeless in Fareham and Gosport provides short term support and relief to those who find themselves in a crisis or emergency situation. To find out more go to