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READERS in West Sussex can now get free internet in every library across the county.

WiFi has been fitted in all 36 branches for people to use their own smartphones, tablets and laptops at no cost.

It follows long-term plans to modernise the county’s libraries, which also saw self-service book machines installed last year.

Anyone living in West Sussex can use the internet on their device by asking staff for a username and password, which is changed every month.

Councillor Lionel Barnard, who is responsible for libraries at the county council, said: ‘Many people use the web on their smartphones and tablets nowadays, so it is vital we keep up-to-date with technology.

‘It means our readers and community groups will have the world at their fingertips in every one of our branches.

‘We will also be keeping desktop computers with paid-for access to the internet so people do not have to bring their own devices.’