Make wildlife welcome in your garden

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PEOPLE are being urged to take up a new hobby in wildlife as their New Year’s resolution.

Sussex Wildlife Trust is encouraging people to turn their garden into a haven for endangered species.

The trust advises people to do three things to attract wildlife into their garden.

The first is to set up bird feeders, nest boxes and ladybird lodges and to leave food out for hedgehogs.

The trust also says that people with smaller urban gardens, roof terraces or balconies can put a window box in place with flowering plants such as lavender to attract hoverflies, bees and butterflies.

The third recommendation the trust is making for those with space is to create a pond.

This will encourage a greater range of insects such as dragonflies and water beetles, as well as toads and frogs.

Very shallow sloping edges and varying depths in the pond are important – this is where the largest variety of pond creatures is found and it is the ideal place for birds to bathe.

Laura Brook, Sussex Wildlife Trust’s Conservation Officer, said: ‘Gardens are part of a network of mini wildlife havens which link up habitats across the UK.

‘All are a vital source of shelter and food.

‘New Year is the best time make your garden more wildlife-friendly.’