Ollie the wonder dog’s remarkable tail of survival...

WONDER DOG Ollie survived a three-storey fall from the top of Dolphin Court, Southsea pictured with owner Lulu Marodeen.     Picture: Paul Jacobs (111767-3)
WONDER DOG Ollie survived a three-storey fall from the top of Dolphin Court, Southsea pictured with owner Lulu Marodeen. Picture: Paul Jacobs (111767-3)
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THIS little fellow is probably the luckiest dog alive.

Ollie fell from a roof terrace three storeys high and landed on the cold concrete below – but somehow survived.

Dolphin Court, Southsea

Dolphin Court, Southsea

Despite suffering a broken leg and damage to his liver and lungs, the Shih Tzu is well on the road to recovery.

Owner Lulu Marodeen said: ‘I can’t believe he is still alive, I feel so lucky and am absolutely ecstatic he’s home.

‘We’re calling him Ollie The Wonder Dog now.’

Lulu, from Knowle Avenue, Knowle, and some of her family were clearing out her aunt’s flat in Southsea after she had passed away, when Ollie suddenly disappeared

They then heard a loud cry from a couple below who had arrived to view the flat at Dolphin Court, in St Helen’s Parade.

When Lulu peered over the penthouse roof and saw Ollie lying on the ground, she feared the worst.

‘I was in hysterics, I thought he was dead,’ she said. ‘I howled and howled, and the woman who was viewing the flat was trying to calm me down but I was so upset and just inconsolable, like a wounded animal.

‘Then someone shouted up to me “your dog needs you” and I went down and cradled him for what felt like hours until the vet arrived.’

James Adamson, 33, of Drayton Road, Copnor, happened to be passing and saw the little dog fall from the three-storey building.

He said: ‘I heard a loud bang and the dog was clearly in a lot of pain. Being a dog lover myself I was really concerned about him and went over to see he was OK. He had a look on him to say he was alright, animals can be incredibly resilient but they need a bit of love and care to help them get better.’

Ollie was taken to Anderson Sturgess Veterinary Specialists, in Winchester, almost immediately.

And after four nights in the practice, and £5,280 of medical fees – which Lulu will get back through her pet insurance – Ollie was finally allowed home with strict orders of bed rest for two weeks.

Lulu, 44, said: ‘He is still having trouble breathing – I need to monitor that and do a test twice a day to make sure it’s at a steady rate. I’m going to sleep downstairs in the living room with him until he gets better, but I’m just so glad he’s still here.’

Andrea Pratesi, one of the vets who worked on Ollie, said: ‘We see patients that are quite badly injured often because of the nature of the surgery, but the amazing thing in Ollie’s case was how few injuries he had after that kind of fall.

‘We would normally expect a dog or even a person to die after falling from such a height, but he survived and is doing really well now. He is a very lucky dog.’