Olympic security from Havant aircraftsman

SECURITY Steve Walters
SECURITY Steve Walters
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VISITORS to the London Olympics were kept safe thanks to a former Havant pupil.

Leading Aircraftsman Steve Walters, 22, a former Park Community School pupil, is an Aerospace Systems Operator with the RAF Air Surveillance and Control System (ASACS) Force.

He usually works at RAF Boulmer but during the Olympics the RAF deployed with a specialist radar in London.

During the Games, the ASACS Force had the task of compiling a picture of aircraft activity over London, ensuring that everything flying in the area was meant to be there.

If an aircraft does not follow the rules, defence planes can be called in to investigate, and if necessary intervene.

Steve said: ‘It was a real honour to be involved.

‘I recently graduated from basic trade training, so to be chosen to be involved in something like this so early in my career was amazing.’

The deployment was part of the RAF’s air security.

RAF personnel have been preparing for the Olympics role for some time, having taken part in a series of training missions, working alongside the other forces in the plan to ensure they were fully integrated.

Air Vice-Marshal Stuart Atha, Commanding Olympics Air Security, said: ‘Our air security preparations build on the decades of Royal Air Force experience in controlling the air to secure the UK.’