Poetry readings under the night sky

WORDSMITH Founder of Wordsouth, Anne Jenkins

WORDSMITH Founder of Wordsouth, Anne Jenkins

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POETRY will meet the world of science and technology for an event at a museum.

Wordsouth, a not-for-profit company in Havant, has organised an open mic for poets at Time Machine Fun, run by The Clock Trust, at Funtington, near Emsworth.

Anne Jenkins, director of Wordsouth, explained: ‘The Clock Trust runs this most marvellous and wondrous of places stuffed full of old clocks, computers and other bits of machinery, some reassembled into surprising new machines, some into works of art, some just ready for visitors to “shake the science out of the box”.

‘We have been concentrating recently on taking poetry to surprising places. The different settings can trigger some fantastic creativity, giving our regular poets and artists some new opportunities for inspiration and can also bring poetry to new audiences, so it’s a double whammy.

‘The theme of this year’s National Poetry Day is stars, so, to honour this, if the weather permits we will be using the trust’s fire pit to have the readings by starlight.’

The event takes place from 7.30pm next Wednesday. For more visit wordsouth.org.uk.

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