Portsmouth hotter than Barcelona

Joanne Lockwood, a transgender woman, was refused printing service for her business that supports LGBT rights, as the company who prints business cards said it was against his religous beliefs Picture: Habibur Rahman

Christian printer refused to create business cards for transgender Portsmouth woman

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WITH a maximum temperature of 20 degrees, Portsmouth is today hotter than Barcelona.

The sun has been shining brightly on the city, and the maximum temperature expected in Portsmouth topped a measly high of 15 degrees in the Spanish city, according to the Met Office.

Portsmouth was hotter than Barcelona on Wednesday

Portsmouth was hotter than Barcelona on Wednesday

Portsmouth’s Wednesday weather was also hotter than Madrid, Gibraltar, Venice, Genoa, Lisbon and Porto.

Pictures courtesy of Libreshot.com, Jean-Dierre Dalbera, Chensiyuan, Ayala and Rititaneves.