Research on beached dolphin

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A BIOLOGIST hopes more can be learned about why large marine mammals beach themselves after a dolphin died in Langstone Harbour.

Louise MacCallum was called out to a stranded Bottlenose dolphin at the north end of the harbour.

The creature was taken away for a postmortem to determine how it died.

Mrs MacCallum, who works for the Langstone Harbour Board, said: ‘Dolphins are marine mammals and the reasons for them stranding are often complex and poorly understood.

‘Some of the whales and dolphins that have stranded around the UK have been injured or entangled in old fishing equipment; others have swallowed plastics or other marine litter.

‘Finding out more about the dolphin that stranded in Langstone Harbour could teach us more about the overall health of our marine environment.’

The dolphin was discovered by members of the public on Tuesday, who called the harbour board.

The dolphin’s stranding is being investigated by the Natural History Museum in London.

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