Royal Navy delivers zebras to Marwell

The giant zebra portrait at Marwell Zoo

The giant zebra portrait at Marwell Zoo

Two of the new one pounds coins including one given as change to a charity worker which he believes may be fake (left).

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A GIANT zebra portrait has been created in the grounds of Marwell Zoo to celebrate the arrival of 100 educational zebra sculptures.

With the help of HMS Collingwood in Fareham, Marwell staff put together the 100ft by 90ft artwork.

The zebra sculptures are for schools and youth groups who have signed up to the Marwell’s Zany Zebras education programme. They will soon be decorating the white zebra sculptures with their best ‘zany’ designs ready for a spectacular trail around shops and businesses next summer.

The designs of the large sculptures will be replicated onto miniatures which will be hidden within Marwell Zoo itself.

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