Send your shoeboxes to Spain in charity rally

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SHOEBOXES filled with goodies are wanted as part of a charity car rally.

Staff at Gosport-based Car Dealer magazine are driving to Spain in a convoy of vehicles raising money for BEN, an automotive charity.

When in Spain, they want to give out shoeboxes filled with treats for a local church to distribute to the needy.

Editorial director James Baggott said: ‘This is a fantastic event for a number of good causes, and it’d be great to get as many people involved as possible.

‘We would love to have contributions from readers of The News, who we know are extremely supportive of local charity efforts.’

Anyone who wants to donate shoeboxes can drop them off at the Blackball Media office in Endeavour Quay, Gosport, during normal office hours by the end of the day on Thursday.

They should contain some or all of these items: clothes; toothbrushes; razors; soap; 
shampoo; deodorant; scarves; 
gloves and treats including sweets and chocolates.